Artificial grass Factory price for soccer/football stadium artificial grass synthetic turf

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  • 100 - 499
    US $8.00
  • >=500
    US $7.80
Supply Ability:
10000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month natural grass turf
Huang Pu
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
green natural grass turf
pile height:
50 mm
yarn material:
Chinese double gluten PE
yarn count:
10000 Dtex
basic cloth:
2pp net + SBR glue
3/4 inch natural grass turf
10500 turfs/SQM
black/white PP bag
leisure club, football field
natural grass turf advantages:
anti-UV, anti-skid,flame-retardant
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Black / White PP Bags
Delivery Time
about two weeks
natural grass turf monofilament turf for football field


1. anti-UV, anti-skid,flame-retardant  

2. natural grass turf that suitable for leisure club, football field

3. monofilament grass turf ( double gluten)





NO. 1 Quality Guarantee







Note: There are eight features of artificial grass turf for skiing:




1. all-whether: It is not affected by climate, improving the using efficiency of field.


2. evergreeness:  after natural grasses entered into dormancy, artificial grasses can still bring you the feeling of spring.


3. environmental protection: materials are all environmental protected, and the surface of artificial grasses is recyclable. 


4. simulation: the production of artificial grasses is based on the bionics principle, they are flexible and comfortable.


5. durability: durable, not easily fade, especially suitable for the use of frequency field.


6. economy: generally, it can be used more than five years.


7. exempt maintenance: basically, expect artificial damage, there is no maintenance cost.


8. easy construction: you can pave on pitch, cement and sand and any other field.






NO. 2 Product Appearance




(1) Green and environmental-artificial grass


Derived from the contemporary new technology research and development of mesh PE yarn, every inch of green considering the protection of environment, to ensure that give you joy 24 hours can be shipped to the health of the environment and atmosphere, biodegradable, can be recycled, the real green environmental protection product.






(2)  High toughness -artificial grass


Using the latest PE raw materials and imported pigment production, let every yarn full of elasticity and toughness, can withstand the sport brought one hundred million rotation, bending, trample, remain is ever new.







(3)  Strong pull-out strength -artificial grass


The basic cloth join the special reinforcement net cloth, effectively prevent the basic cloth tear, break down part of lateral force, prevent the basic cloth deform under the action of external force, improve the pull-out strength of the yarn, pull-out strength is 30% higher than the ordinary basic cloth.






(4) soft -artificial grass


With 100% of new materials, it ensures the yarn surface without sharp edges, the round surface without the feeling of that kind of scraping the hand flesh, the more soft and comfortable feel.







(5) durable -artificial grass


Yarn is using 100% new PE raw materials, after more than 1000 degrees high temperature melt extrusion drawing forming, and then after over 100 degrees moisture fumigation, finally high temperature drying, quality assurance! Can be used safely under bad weather in different countries around the world !










NO. 3 Product Parameter



The specification of natural grass turf monofilament turf for football field :






Pile height50 MMGauge3/4inch
Yarn materialChinese double gluten PEStich rate200stitches/M
Yarn court10000 DTEXWeight2.4-2.5kg/SQM
Basic cloth2 PP or Net + SBR GlueTurf density10500 Turfs/SQM
Width4 or2 m PackageBlack/white  PP bag
LengthNormally 25m or Need.ApplicationsFootball field or training
Yarn colorlight green and dark greenSupplement25kg sand+7kg rubber/SQM
Quantity in container:  2200+600=2800SQM/20'Container,4400+1100=5500SQM/40'Container.







NO. 4 Cooperation Customer


We cooperate with customers all over the world, it is also our pleasure to make friends with our customers.








NO. 5 Production & Packing


We have our advanced production line:

for artificial grass/safety mat/PVC floor/PU track/Rubber track,etc.


NO. 6 Auxiliary Materials

for artificial grass turf for football field, it needs accessories to fill the grass, such as rubber mat and sand. It also need the joint tape and glue to join the two pieces of artificial grass together.



NO. 7 Construction Technology



The pictures for installation of the synthetic grass. If you need, we also have professionals to be your guide to install the grass carpet.





NO. 8 Project Complexion Photos


The pictures of our synthetic turf projects for football field:






NO. 9 Product Certificate



We are specialized in artificial turf/rubber mat/PVC floor/running track/PU track,etc.

These are our certificates.


NO. 10 Scope of Business


Welcome to our company! There are many samples in our company: artificial grass mat, rubber mat, PVC floor, etc.













Company Information


About Guangzhou Aojian Sport Leisure Facilities Co.,Ltd




Our company are a professional manufacturer of artificial grass / PVC floor / PU track / Rubber track and so on.We have more than nine years experience, and we are one of the leading manufacturer in China.Our products are selling well and have wide popularity in many parts of world with quality insurance and affordable price.


We have certificate such as CE,SGS,IFFA,ISO900


We also accept order according to customer sample, just tell us the height /the color/the density or other requirement you have in mind. We can arrange that.



Our Services

1.     Design and  manufacture various artificial grass including different colors, different height according to  customer need;


2. Providing one-stop services, try best to meet your request;


3. Diversification of products, (Rubber running track, rubber mat, PU surface, acrylic surface) can fully meet the needs of the market.


4. Choose us, that is, choose quality and choose the best service;



What are the advantages of artificial grass?

The advantages include saving money and time, especially on lawn maintenance, and it can also improve lifestyle and help with environmental issues. 

Low maintenance – generating savings on time and up-keep costs. This applies to homeowners, the elderly for whom maintenance is not practical, second/holiday home owners and also organisations such as local councils who have to maintain roadside verges, city parks and pathways

No watering – ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas.

Better for the environment – no need for pesticides and mowing. 

Ideal for areas of heavy usage – no more slippery, muddy areas, no more muddy shoes or muddy dogs' paws to have to clean up!

All-year-round green – aesthetically pleasing to the eye no matter what time of year. No more yellow patches on your lawn and no more weeds staring back at you!

Clean and hygienically safe – no degradation by pets.



Why install artificial grass?

Artificial grass is low maintenance, helping you to save on time and money. You will have a beautiful lawn with no need to mow or water the grass, add fertiliser, and your pets won't damage the grass.


What sort of base is acceptable?

There are many types of base which you can use. An acceptable hard base would be tarmac, asphalt or concrete and it's generally better if it is porous (as tarmac is). If you wish to install on top of concrete then you need to be careful that the edges of any slabs do not show through. You could cover the concrete with a layer of sand, or even better install a rubber shock pad between the concrete and the artificial grass. Either sand or a shock pad is also needed when you overlay the join of two different materials, for example soil to concrete. One final point is that if the surface is impermeable, we advise a slight slope to aid run off. Alternatively you can install sub-surface drainage.


How long will our artificial grass last?

This depends on the use you make of the lawn. It is worth considering that artificial grass used on football pitches is usually expected to last for over 8 years.



What maintenance is required?

Very little indeed. You need to remove any debris which falls onto the grass and smooth any infill you may have. A leaf rake or garden broom will remove debris like fallen leaves, help realign the fibres and will smooth this at the same time. As the artificial grass is permeable, rain water will run through the infill and clean it at the same time.



How will our pets react to the artificial grass?

Your pets should be fine. Pets tend to treat artificial grass just like normal grass except they can't dig it up! Any droppings are easy for you to remove or wash away. If the grass will receive very heavy use from pets, as it would in a kennels, we can recommend disinfectant which will help remove smells and kill bacteria. However, this action is rarely needed for normal domestic use.



Do I need to worry about the insects?

The artificial grass is a sterile environment. However, over time it is possible that wind-borne debris might deposit enough nutrients within the infill to support a small number of insects. Even so, you will find a lot less than you would in natural grass.


Where can I use artificial grass?

Lawns and landscaping are the most common uses and sports playing surfaces, like tennis courts, putting greens and football pitches, are also very popular.

There are many other uses, including:

  • Roof gardens
  • Patios
  • Swimming pool surrounds - we would generally recommend at least three feet between the pool and the artificial grass. This will minimise the risk of discoloration from the chlorine in the pool.
  • Children's play areas
  • Pet friendly areas, dog exercise runs, kennels
  • Conservatories
  • Garages
  • Exhibitions
  • Shopping centres
  • Showrooms - cars, garden centres, etc



How do I join the artificial grass together?

Special fibreglass tape and glue is the answer, all of which we can supply as part of your order. The glue is applied to the tape and then the edges of the artificial grass are pressed on top of it.


What is it like to walk on?

Artificial grass is soft and springy and the infill will provide more bounce than natural grass. In extreme heat the artificial grass will be noticeably hotter.


Why is sand infill used?

You need an infill to help hold the grass down and to provide a bit of shock absorption. Sand is normally used as it is often a cheaper alternative to rubber and is also chemically inert and fire resistant.